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WEIGHT SHARK® 5500 Automatic Check Weigher

Checkweighers for weight range 4 grams to 60 kg


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Enhance quality control of your products by entrusting weight check inspection to one of our fully automatic in-motion check weighing systems. The controller unit WEIGHT SHARK® 5500 covers a product weight range from 4 grams up to 60 kg. Weight checking is possible regardless to product package – boxes, trays, bags, pouches… Each product is accurately weighed while running over the conveyor, and in case of over- or under-weight it is separated into reject bins by various available rejection systems.

WEIGHT SHARK® 5500 supports weighing of up to 230 products per minute and it is possible to integrate it into production lines of speeds up to 90 m/s. Certainly, the maximum speed of weighing is limited by product characteristics, weight, size, etc.

Connection of the WS 5500 controller unit with external equipment (barcode scanner, inkjet printer, metal detector, filling machine, etc.) and its integration into existing production line is easily conducted through advanced I/O interfaces. We especially recommend the combination of a WEIGHT SHARK® 5500 with the METAL SHARK® BD metal detector as a unique and complete product inspection solution. In that case your product is controlled with highest accuracy and reliability against weight failure and metal impurities.

Cassel offers 7 different types of checkweigher systems, all managed by the WS 5500 controller unit, but different in the specified weight ranges:

- WS 5500-R315 - weight range 4 - 600 g
- WS 5500-R325 - weight range 8 - 1.200 g
- WS 5500-R335 - weight range 20 - 3.000 g
- WS 5500-R345 - weight range 40 - 6.000 g
- WS 5500-R355 - weight range 80g - 18 kg
- WS 5500-R365 - weight range 200g - 30 kg
- WS 5500-R375 - weight range 400g - 60 kg

Products which are over- or under-weighted are sorted into separate bins by one of various types of rejecters, according to the average weight of product:

Typical reject mechinisums include:

- Air blast type
- Slide carrier type
- Drop belt type
- Flip bar type
- Pusher on belt type
- Pusher on roller type





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